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One short and different story about us

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Momma was right

At the beginning there were hands, momma’s hands…and they baked and baked… and then came another two pairs of hands, similar, a bit younger but as devoted as mother hands… Family of hard working hands making stuff they love and sharing it, well with everyone… oh, yes… and they named it Basket.

Mixing it up

The stuff they made is easy going, almost unnoticeable, but somehow many things wouldn’t taste that good without it…There are rumors going around that Basket, is an adorable match with ham, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, under the broccoli or melon, over the ice cream, next to the peppers, olives, strawberries…

I am a Passenger

And soon Basket, being light, simple and tasteful, found itself on picnics, strolls in the nature, vacations, business trips, excursions and whole other vivid and joyful travels. In short, this is how Basket started its journey around the world… and it’s still traveling.

Strength of Health

Those hardworking hands that made Basket didn’t only pay attention to its form, taste and handsomeness in general…No, they paid attention to its essence, to its ingredients, to its healthiness. So, whenever you see somebody mountain climbing, running, exercising, tai chi – ing, it’s likely that there is a box of Basket nearby… because of proteins, you know… my, my, are they a tasty snack or what!

Bring it Home

And, at the end, Basket always come home… or to be more precise… they should always be home… at least a box, ‘cause you never know when are you going to need them, either as quick and tasty snack served with variety of food, or as an ice breaker to fill that strange silence that sometimes occurs when guests are around. In the end, as sun sets, there is nothing better than the sound of Basket cracking in your mouth. Mmmm… usually follows.